Our Mission

At Champion Hospice our mission is to provide palliative care with compassion and dignity to patient’s nearing the end of their life and support to family members trying their best to support their loved ones…Caring beyond the cure.  

Our values help us to achieve our mission

  • Champion Hospice’s patients and their families are treated with dignity, respect and compassion.
  • Champion Hospice’s employees are the most valuable Hospice resource in providing quality patient-care services; well trained and committed to working together to achieve its goals.
  • Champion Hospice will strive to provide technology and equipment that is state-of-the-art.
  • Champion Hospice will meet the standards and requirements of all licensing and accrediting agencies.
  • Champion Hospice’s management team and employees are committed to ensuring financial viability while maintaining standards of excellence.

 Our assurances to those we serve are meant to build confidence in our ability to fulfill our mission

  • Champion Hospice follows and participates in Medicare compliance policies, procedure, education and activities
  • Champion Hospice is committed to complying with all federal, state and private insurance standards, with an emphasis on preventing fraud and abuse.
  • Champion Hospice provides Hospice care in the patient’s home to those patients who are certified as terminally ill, have a prognosis of six (6) months or less to live, have willingly elected the Hospice and are aware that the goal of care is directed toward relief of symptoms, rather than the cure of the underlying disease.
  • To offer family or caregiver support with an interdisciplinary team using resources that avoid duplication, inadequate, incomplete or underutilization of services.
  • To maintain a commitment to realistic, cost-effective and ethical management.  To use available mechanisms for payment and manage operations to comply with all applicable statues, regulations and federal healthcare Hospice requirements.
  • To provide sufficient services and oversight to patients who have received more than six (6) months of consecutive months of Hospice care.
  • To make all covered services available to provide a continuum of care that recognizes and responds to the physical, social, spiritual, emotional and other needs of the patient, family or caregiver.