Hospice Criteria for Heart Disease Patients

(Coronary Disease and Congestive Heart Failure – CHF)

1 and 2 should be present; documentation of 3 – 7 will lend supporting criteria

  1. Has the physician verified that the patient is on optimal vasodilator and iuretic therapy?
  2. Does the patient have and ejection fraction of <20% or Class IV symptoms at rest?
  3. History of cardiac arrest (in any setting)
  4. History of unexplained syncope
  5. History of embolic CVA
  6. Concomitant HIV disease
  7. Symptomatic supraventricular or arrhythmia poorly controlled by medication

We develop an individualized Plan of Care – as patients with end stage heart disease progress daily living activities decline and anxiety, pain, skin care, nutrition, hydration, nausea, incontinence and weakness are common and need to be addressed.