Thank you for visiting our web site. Our intention for this site is to provide information about the Medicare Hospice Benefit that Champion Hospice provides.

We hope that you will find answers and explanations to your questions and always, welcome your inquiries.

The hospice benefit is incredible, the cost is covered 100% by Medicare and with most private insurances little to no out of pocket expense.  Yet, the participation rate is low. We believe this is because of late referrals and a misunderstanding about the certification period.

If you have questions about hospice care, please free to contact any of our staff.

Who is Champion Hospice?

Champion Hospice is Care beyond the cure. Champion Hospice is comprised of a Team of professionals with hearts to deliver compassionate care with utmost dignity during the last six months of a patient’s life. Our care goes beyond the cure and beyond the passing of the patients to continue bereavement support.

Champion Hospice is a community-based hospice care organization dedicated to hospice care and focused on meeting or exceeding our patients’ individual medical, emotional and spiritual needs, while making each remaining moment as meaningful as possible.

While Medicare mandates the minimum services that hospice patients must receive, at Champion Hospice, we are committed to exceeding industry standards because we recognize that each patient’s life experiences and spiritual beliefs have created a unique individual who deserves the finest care and emotional support, while honoring and respecting their needs and wishes.

Each team member is encouraged to go beyond what is required. To help all patients and their families enjoy the highest possible quality of life in the precious time they have together, is the goal of Champion Hospice.

We provide compassionate care and expert pain management to people nearing the end of their lives, as well as supporting their families and friends. Our approach is holistic, with a team of professionals serving patient’s medical, emotional and spiritual needs.

We accept Medicare payments at the same rate as non-profit hospices do and we lower Medicare’s expenses by caring for patients in their home.

What Makes Champion Hospice Unique?  

There is a big difference in hospice service providers. We understand the issues seniors, physicians and families face and have developed programs to address them.

Patient’s issues include:

  • Wanting to remain in their homes.
  • The lack affordable health care providers that, are willing to come into the homes.
  • Patient’s plans of care are often too complex to successfully follow on their own. Physicians have less time to spend with their patients in their office because of visit time constraints. Plus, patients often see multiple physicians leading to uncoordinated and conflicting plans.
  • Patients don’t want to burden their family or lose their dignity at the end of their life.

Physician issues include:

  • Physicians have less time to visit each patient because of lower reimbursement rates.
  • Physicians are used to delivering care in their offices during a patient visit. Many of these patients are not capable of being seen in their offices and even if they are seen in the office the physician is unable to assess the living conditions the patient is dealing with.
  • Physicians are unable to collaborate with specialist that their patients are seeing to the extent that is needed.
  • Physicians tell us that nearly all of the patients under their care fail to accurately and routinely follow their plans of care including taking of medications at the right time in the right quantities, eating right, using equipment properly, and cleaning themselves and their surroundings properly.

Family issues include:

  • Families have increasingly busy schedules with many having both parents working outside the home trying to earn a living.
  • Families stress levels increase while taking care of loved ones which can lead to health problems for them or can lead to relationship issues in the home.
  • Families have a lack of knowledge of the programs that are available to assist in the care of their loved ones.
  • Families are often ill equipped to deal with complex plans of care.

Champion Hospice employees are experts in taking care of patients in the home.  Most hospice service providers prefer to take care of hospice patients in facilities such as assisted living facilities, nursing homes, hospitals or in-patient facilities.

The majority of Americans want to pass at home, but every year, nearly 73% pass in medical facilities. More than 93% of Champion Hospice patients spend their last days at home. That is nearly twice the national average for hospice patients.

Champion Hospice provides equipment and supplies related to the hospice diagnosis at no charge. Equipment and supplies are expensive. So many patients are unable to afford these much needed services, when the Medicare Hospice Benefit provides with hospice care.

Call us today to learn the many benefits of the Medicare Hospice Benefit and the difference in care you will receive with Champion Hospice!

**Champion Hospice provides services without regard to race, color, national origin, disability, or age as required by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Age Discrimination Act of 1975.

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